Report to the IASC Principals on the Integration of Early Recovery in recent crisis settings 


Submitted by the Global Cluster on Early Recovery (CGER) On behalf of Global Cluster Coordination Group (GCCG)


Photo credit : UNDP Panama

The IASC Principals have endorsed ‘Recommendations on Strengthening Early Recovery’1 and have requested clusters (with the exception of ETC and Logistics) to integrate early recovery into all the different phases of the Humanitarian Programme Cycle (HPC) as the foundation for fostering resilience in a crisis or post-crisis context. The Global Cluster on Early Recovery (GCER) - with support from Global Clusters - was requested to prepare this report to the Principals on progress in integrating early recovery into their work. This report draws on experiences of Early Recovery integration by Clusters from a range of country contexts. The relationship between Early Recovery and the Humanitarian Programme Cycle is examined through reviews of practical examples of Early Recovery integration at strategic and operational levels in countries encompassing a range of complex emergency, natural disaster, epidemic and ‘L3’ emergencies.


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