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What is Early Recovery?

During and immediately after a crisis, urgent action is required to save lives. At the same time, from the start of humanitarian, time critical interventions which lay the foundations for sustainable recovery and a speedy return to longer term development are also imprerative.

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Integrating Early Recovery

Successful practices for the integration of Early Recovery in humanitarian response are context specific, with key variables depending on: the type of crisis, the capacity and leadership role played by clusters and governments, the existing resilience of affected communities, and the pre-crisis engagement of the international community.

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Do you know?

Following the last Techical Working Group on Durable Solutions (9 March 2017), the Global Cluster for Early Recovery undertook a mapping process of the countries involved in durable solutions initiatives. Please find here details on the 19 countries engaged in a such as process. 

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About the Global Cluster for Early Recovery


The Global Cluster for Early Recovery (GCER) leads global and interagency efforts to estabilsh and maintain standards and policy, build response capacity and operational support.


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