Update on Durable Solutions for Displacement

     Guide on Durable Solutions

In October 2011 the UN Secretary-General adopted a Decision on Durable Solutions and an accompanying Preliminary Framework on Ending Displacement in the Aftermath of Conflict. The Guide was developed in accordance with the SG’s Decision to design guidance for field-based practitioners on how to develop a strategy for supporting durable solutions for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and refugees returning to their country of origin. It identifies nine key steps to guide the process of developing a strategy and provides benchmarks for monitoring progress towards durable solutions. While the SG Decision explicitly refers to “ending displacement in the aftermath of conflict” it is relevant to other displacement situations. Disasters, generalized violence, human rights violations and development related displacement similarly require a rights-based approach and a collective, coherent and coordinated response. The Guide was piloted in 2015 in Afghanistan, Cote d’Ivoire and Kyrgyzstan and is currently being rolled out in countries developing strategies on durable solutions for displaced persons. The Guide will be reviewed in 2017 with lessons learned and feedback on its use.

The TWG-DS developed two tools in support to the Guide on DS Strategy 1) an introductory PowerPoint to the Preliminary Guide on DS Strategy and 2) a checklist intended as an indicative, general overview, following the logical flow of recommended steps in developing a joint durable solutions strategy for displacement.

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