Launch of a Webpage on CASH

Humanitarian actors are increasingly using cash across all cluster/sector, and cash programming is set to increase in the coming years. Humanitarian organizations can deliver cash directly to beneficiaries, or establish voucher systems. Cash programs can be unconditional with no parameters on usage, or cash can be tied to conditional programming such as debris removal or shelter construction.


Cash Transfer Programming (CTP) is increasingly used for humanitarian response with the recognition that CTP can complement the provision of in-kind assistance during emergencies. Provision of cash, when appropriate, empowers the affected population to decide on their own how to meet their own needs using available local resources.


From 2009 to 2013, a total of 53 donors were reported to have spent US$692 million on cash transfers to assist disaster affected population worldwide. CTP is increasingly becoming a major modality of humanitarian assistance where there is a functioning local market.


Photo : Cash for Work program, Road renovation for returnees in Yai Thei (Muslim) village, Mrauk U township, Rakhine State (Photo UNDP 2015)