Launch of Protection Mainstreaming Guidance App – ProM (v 1.0)

On behalf of the GPC Task Team on Protection Mainstreaming


Dear Colleagues,

a Protection Mainstreaming Guidance App – ProM (v 1.0) has been launched by the TT-PM. The Application is available for download through the Google Play and iTunes app stores. A walkthrough video is available online.

The Protection Mainstreaming Guidance App is based on the Global Protection Cluster Guidance, and provides a solution to streamline Protection Mainstreaming guidance to your specific needs.


There are two parts to the App:

  1.        Guidelines: This includes all the sector guidance available by the Global Protection Cluster, structured by categories (i.e. Stage of the Project Cycle, Protection Mainstreaming Principles, Programming Sector, or Context). Example: View all recommended actions for the WASH programming sector.
  1.        Projects: This enables you to create your own tailored guidance or “projects” by selecting what categories or subset of categories are relevant for you. Projects created through this app can be saved and their implementation monitored. Example: View only the recommended actions for the WASH programming sector that need to be considered during project design. N.B. Selecting categories narrows down the list of actions to those corresponding to all selected categories. Selecting too many categories can lead to the list of actions being narrowed down to zero.


Future Developments:

  •          New Features: Upcoming features in 2016 include multi-language support (i.e. English, French, Arabic), and project sharing and export functions (e.g. excel/pdf). Other new features will depend on feedback and availability of funding.
  •          Content & Feedback: The content is based on the Global Protection Cluster Guidance available online and can be updated (i.e. categories and actions can be added, deleted, or modified). The IRC welcomes suggestions to improve the content and features of the ProM. These can be submitted through our online survey (click here). Response to this feedback will be provided through the Protection Mainstreaming Task Team. Major content changes will be coordinated with the members of the GPC Protection Mainstreaming Task Team. If you would like to join this task team, please contact


Should you have questions or wish to discuss this new mobile application further, please do not hesitate to contact the Task Team’s Co-Chair Gergey Pasztor at