Launch of a NEW PAGE : Early Recovery in the New Way of Working


The Early Recovery Online Resource Center launches a new page on EARLY RECOVERY IN THE NEW WAY OF WORKING.

As the UN Secretary General flagged in his report for the World Humanitarian Summit : “While international humanitarian and development approaches bring relief and advancement to millions, they too often fail to sustainably improve the prospects of many people in fragile and crisis-prone environments. Millions are trapped in dependency on short-term aid that keeps them alive but falls short of ensuring their safety, dignity and ability to thrive and be self-reliant over the long term. We must return our focus to the people at the centre of these crises, moving beyond short-term, supply-driven response efforts towards demand-driven outcomes that reduce need and vulnerability.”

Early Recovery is an approach that addresses recovery needs that arise during the humanitarian phase of an emergency, using humanitarian mechanisms that align with development principles. It enables people to use the benefits of humanitarian action to seize development opportunities, builds resilience, and establishes a sustainable process of recovery from crisis.

Reports, case studies and policy documents on the New Way of Working and the Humanitarian and Development Nexus will feature on this platform with contributions from all those who are involved in implementing Early Recovery in the New Way of Working.

In the spirit New Way of Working, your contribution and feedback are welcome to strengthen the page and keep it updated. 


Photo credit :Burundi - UNDP office