External Evaluation of Early Recovery Cluster Coordination

UNDP has commissioned a team of external consultants to evaluate the coordination of the Early Recovery Cluster since 2005.  While the whole period of the cluster is within scope, attention will concentrate on the last few years in particular, since the objectives of the cluster were updated at the end of 2013.  The evaluation team of three members will be interviewing a wide range of primary stakeholders including IASC members, SAG members, GCCG members, donors and UNDP staff; as well as conducting country visits to Haiti, CAR, Sudan, Lebanon, Pakistan and Philippines where they will also interview HCT members and country cluster members. Finally, there will be a 15-minute online survey.

The key evaluation questions are:

- KEQ 1. How effective was UNDP’s global coordination of the GCER?

- KEQ 2. How effective was UNDP’s country-level coordination of the Early Recovery Clusters?

- KEQ 3. How effective was UNDP in advocating for early recovery to be included in Humanitarian Response Plans and in the work of other clusters?

- KEQ 4. How should the GCER adapt so that it can best add value in the post-WHS universe of the Grand Bargain and the NWoW?


Phased approach:

KEQ 1 will be addressed primarily through document review, an online survey and interviews at the global level, in New York, Geneva and with relevant donor representatives in November 2017.

KEQs 2 and 3 will be addressed primarily through document review, an online survey and interviews in the six case study countries in November and early December 2017.

KEQ 4, the recommended future actions resulting from this evaluation, will be addressed during a second phase of the evaluation, after the finding of KEQs 1 to 3 are already available, and primarily through workshops with UNDP staff and key stakeholders in New York and Geneva in early 2018.


The whole evaluation is due to be completed at the beginning of March 2018.


Evaluation management:

The evaluation is supported by a Reference Group, and the evaluation manager in UNDP is Johannes Fromholt (johannes.fromholt@undp.org). Please do not hesitate to contact Johannes if you have any comments or questions.