The Centrality of protection in Humanitarian Action

As part of a review of 2016, the Global Protection Cluster (GPC) has reviewed its activities based on its objective to make protection central to the humanitarian response. The GPC have also documented the objectives and progress of sample Protection Clusters/sectors worldwide. While each of them has its own, specific, frequently complex, context, each of them, as supported by the GPC, takes a similar approach to understanding the context and, based on this, developed a realistic and appropriate response.

Some lessons and best practice have been identified during this overview which are transferable and adaptable to each context. While none of these are especially new, they are reminders of how important it is to have a solid protection framework within which efforts to strengthen the protection response are consistently taken:

  • Advisory and guidance notes
  • Ongoing support to humanitarian actors
  • Technical working groups
  • Trainings and workshops
  • Support from the GPC

The GPC, together with partners and informed by the analysis and expertise of field protection cluster colleagues, will continue to monitor and evaluate efforts to ensuring that protection remains central to the response.