Occupied Palestinian Territories

Following the 2014 Israeli campaign “Operation Protective Edge” more than 2,200 casualties were counted in Gaza, more than 170,000 housing units were damaged or destroyed and much of the public service infrastructure became unusable. The ongoing and unresolved blockade, occupation and slow political reconciliation has made the nearly 2 million Gaza inhabitants confronted with an eroding resilience. A reconstruction conference was held in 2014 in Cairo where 3,5 billion US$ was pledged and the recovery has slowly taken shape.


In 2015 a Gaza Reconstruction and Recovery Group (GRRG) was initiated uniting all agencies to coordinate together with the Palestinian Authority (PA) the efficient implementation of the reconstruction.


Update on the Gaza Reconstruction and Recovery Group (GRRG)


The GRRG is a multi-agency platform formed under the Palestine UN Country Team in September 2015 that has two functions. One is to improve coordination and information exchange between agencies on the reconstruction of infrastructure (housing, water, energy, sanitation) livelihoods and economy, social protection, social development (health, education and culture) and governance. The other function is to strengthen the Palestinian Authority institutions to take the lead of the reconstruction. While collaborating closely with the humanitarian interventions the purpose is to move as fast as possible towards a developmental approach.


After 6 months the GRRG has now a secretariat, has started to develop an implementation plan and has supported the PA in the strengthening of the National Office for the Reconstruction of Gaza.


UNOSAT Rapid Mapping 

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Key Country Contacts



Humanitarian Coordinator

Robert PIPER 

Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary General (DSRSG), Humanitarian and Resident Coordinator

E-Mail : robert.piper@one.un.org


Roberto Valent 

UNDP Special Representative of the Administrator,

United Nations Development Programme

E-Mail : roberto.valent@undp.org

Bo Schack


UNRWA Gaza Director

E-Mail : b.schack@unrwa.org


Roberto Valen

Vice Chairman & UNDP Special Representative of the Administrator,

UNDP PAPP Special Representative 

E-Mail : roberto.valent@undp.org

Hannah Meinshausen




Signe Jepsen


E-Mail : jepsen@un.org


Mahmood Abu Aisha


E-Mail : mahmoud.abu-aisha@undp.org

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Dr Bashir Rayyes

Senior Programme Manager

E-Mail : bashir@rayes.biz


Haytham Abushaban

Programme Advisor Economy

E-Mail : haytham.abushaban@gmail.com


Maher Saqqa

Programme Infrastucture expert


Emad El Masri

M&E data manager

E-Mail : emad2001@gmail.com