Great Lakes Region

Throughout the past decades, political and security developments in the African Great Lakes region, such as the continued activities of illegal armed groups as well as electoral crises, have provided significant challenges to civilians, communities, and governments. As a result the border areas between Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda remain the main theatre for instability in the region.

Such instability has resulted in tensions within and between communities, human rights violations and abuses, new and continuing cross-border movements of displaced persons and challenges to cross-border trade.

The causes and consequences of the challenges facing the Great Lakes region are regional in nature and thus need to be addressed in a comprehensive manner by ensuring a concerted and coordinated approach across state boundaries

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Building Peace across borders

The Great Lakes Regional Strategic Framework (GLRSF) is a

UNHCR -UNDP joint programming on the Refugees Response Plan for the DRC situation

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is in the middle o

Progress Highlights 2007 of the Great Lakes Regional Strategic Framework

Following on the successful October 2016 Kampala meeting

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UNOSAT Rapid Mapping

UNDP and the Operational Satellite Application Programme (UNOSAT) signed a Standard Operating Procedure (SoP) to strengthen their collaboration to make geospatial technology accessible for emergency and crisis response, early warning and preparedness, risk assessments and recovery planning at country and regional level, including in support of the work of the Global Early Recovery Cluster.
UNOSAT Rapid Mapping is activated include floods, earthquakes, storms, landslides, volcanoes, oil spills, chemical waste, refugee and Internally Displaced Person (IDP) camp mapping, conflict damage assessment and situation analysis. Output products including maps, GIS-ready data (for example flood extents, damage assessments), statistics and reports support clusters or UNDP to become more effective in all phases of the crisis cycle. read more

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