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Early Recovery Coordination Toolbox

As you open the toolbox, the tools are sorted into chapters which include general knowledge on Early Recovery and the role of Early Recovery coordination experts. Each chapter provides information for coordinating Early Recovery at each step of the Humanitarian Programme Cycle.


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1. Introduction to Early Recovery S.0 Support Tools 1.0. Introductory Tools and guidance 1.1  A new way of working 1.2 What is Early Recovery         
2. World Humanitarian Summit 2.0 World Humanitarian Summit 2.1 Grand Bargain            
3. Humanitarian Action Framework 3.0 Read me 3.1 The Humanitarian Programme Cycle 3.2 Key Early Recovery Stakeholders 3.3 Cluster and Inter-cluster coordination 3.4 Role of the Early Recovery Advisor 3.5 The Role of and Cluster Coordination for Early Recovery 3.6 What is the difference between an ERA and a CCfER 3.7 Early Recovery according partners
3.3.1 Inter-Cluster Coordination 3.4.0 Read me
3.3.2 Integrating Early Recovery 3.4.1 Improving Coherence of the Humanitarian Response
3.3.3 Cluster and Sector Coordination  
3.3.4 Early Recovery Coordination Architecture  
3.3.5 Cluster Coordination Performance Monitoring  
4. Early Recovery : A People Centered Approach 4.1 What is AAP? 4.2 The Transformative Agenda IASC Commitments to AAP 4.3 AAP and Early Recovery 4.4 People Centered Approach 4.5 Displacement 4.6 Humanitarian Challenges in Urabin Settings 4.7 Early Recovery and Environment  
5. Early Recovery and Emergency Response Prepardness (ERP) 5.0 Read me              
6. Strategy Development 6.1 The four steps of Collective Strategy Development 6.2 Assessments and Analysis 6.3 Humanitarian Strategic Planning 6.4 Role of teh ERA and the CCfER in strategy development        
  6.2.1 Sudden Onset Crisis MIRA

6.3.0 Read Me

  6.2.2 Protracted Crisis HNO 6.3.1 Flash appeal          
  6.2.3 Post Disaster and Post Conflict Needs Assessment (PDNA) 6.3.2 Humanitarian Response Plans          
  6.2.4 Market Analysis in Emergencies 6.3.3 Multi-year Humanitarian Response plan          
  6.2.5 More Example            
7. Early Recovery Programming 7.0 Read me 7.1 Early Reocvery - Type Programmes 7.2 UNDP Signature Products          
8. Implementing Early Recovery across Cluster 8.0 Read me 8.1 Cluster Response Plan 8.2 Cluster Objectives 8.3 Cluster Activities 8.4 Cluster indicators and targets 8.5 Example of Early Recovery implementation across Cluster    
          8.5.1 Early Recovery Integration across Cluster    
          8.5.2 Additional Early Recovery Coordination Bodies    
9. From Strategic Planning to Response Monitoring 9.0 Read me              
10. Response Monitoring 10.0 Read me              
11. Information Management 11.0 Read me              
12. Resources Mobilization 12.0 Read me              
13. The role of ERA in Negociation 13.0 Read me              
14. Evaluation 14.1 Operational per reviews 14.2 Inter-Agency Humanitarian Evaluations 14.3 Measuring Early Recovery          
15. Resilience 15.0 Read me              
16. Early Recovery and Disaster Risk Reduction 16.0 Read me