Syria Early Recovery Mainstreaming Workshop 23&24 September 2016


Since the beginning of the crisis in 2011, Syria has witnessed significant challenges in the humanitarian and security situation across the country, an increase in the targeting of civilian infrastructure, and a marked increase in internal displacement. The conflict has significantly damaged the country’s public and private assets including health, education, energy, water and sanitation, agriculture, transportation, housing and other infrastructure leading to a massive deterioration of Syria’s socio-economic infrastructure. Investments, services, production and manufacturing are among the most affected sectors due, inter alia, to a drastic decrease of electricity supply. Basic infrastructure and public services are being systematically destroyed. Families are struggling to survive in increasingly desperate conditions.


The Early Recovery and Livelihood (ERL) sector aims to contribute to the resilience building of affected local communities, households and individuals by protecting and restoring livelihoods and enabling access to essential services and rehabilitation of socio-economic infrastructures. To this end, the 2016 sector response focuses on: (1) sustained and enhanced service delivery and basic community infrastructure; (2) creation and stabilization of basic livelihoods and social protection for socio-economic recovery; (3) promotion of social cohesion and communities’ engagement to strengthen the resilience of affected people and mitigate the effects of the protracted crisis. 



The overall objective of the workshop is to build capacity and knowledge among relevant ERL sector partners/members on the early recovery approach by providing hands-on skills and tools to effectively integrate and mainstream early recovery across the work of the sectors in Syria. The primary target group of this workshop will be the ERL sector partners/members operating from inside Syria since 2012. Once the ERL sector/cluster will be established in Gaziantep, an introductory workshop to ER will be planned catering for the needs and priorities of the partners operating through cross-borders mechanisms.


Key Documents

Early Recovery Mainstreaming Workshop 23_24 September 2016 - Beirut : Concept Note

Early Recovery Mainstreaming Workshop 23_24 September 2016 - Beirut : Agenda

Humanitarian-Development nexus

A Smarter Humanitarian Response

Integrated Needs and Vulnerability framework (Intro)

Measuring Early Recovery

Definition of ER in the global humanitarian system (ppt)

Criteria for integrating ER

Evolution of ER sector in Syria


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Photo Credit : UNDP Syria - Al Hassaked