RRR Sector - Joint Mission to Umm



The RRR Sector wishes to extend its appreciation to the State Government of Central Darfur for their support to this mission, especially the Wali, for facilitating this mission, and to the HAC Commissioner and the Umm Dukhun Commissioner for their support in the organisation and implementation of this successful mission. The support of UNAMID in the facilitation, logistics, and safe conduct of this mission is also highly appreciated. We extend the thank you to the donors and RRR partners on the ground who have contributed valuably with their time, efforts, resources and knowledge to this mission.



This inter-agency assessment mission was conducted as part of the RRR Multi-Sector Response Plan to support and promote sustainable return and reintegration in Um Dukhun locality. The intended response for Um Dukhun will cover immediate needs as well as medium to longerterm elements necessary to allow people to consider returning permanently.

The mission visited 12 villages in Umm Dukhun locality in Central Darfur:
- Um Dukhun town
- Umfrout Hai Alganaya
- Umsawri Aldaleeba
- Begaira Shaila
- Abu jaradil
- Sereif
- Salaley
- Karakara
- Demosoia
- Dabah Naira
- Sorey (Empty village)
- Treitira (Empty village)


We were informed that there had been no returns in Motor and there was no observed return in Sorey and Treutira villages.
The key objectives of the mission are:

  • • Assess needs and verify numbers of returnees and host communities in selected villages in Umm Dukhun locality.
  • • Collect information necessary to strengthen planned joint recovery interventions in areas of return within in Umm Dukhun locality.