Humanitarian Needs Overview, Colombia, 2017



Colombia face humanitarian situations and needs as a result of the impact of the armed conflict and armed violence. 

The bilateral ceasefire between the Government of Colombia and FARC-EP guerrillas and the signing of a peace accord in September 2016 had a positive impact on a number of humanitarian indicators (e.g., a fall in mass displacement, massacres and armed actions). Nonetheless, the failure to approve the peace accord in a national plebiscite on 2 October 2016 has created an atmosphere of political uncertainty around the implementation of the peace accord and future actions by both parties. Other armed groups such as postdemobilization armed groups continue to represent a major source of violence with humanitarian consequences, causing protection needs for the civilian population, particularly among the most vulnerable, including women, children, adolescents and ethnic minority groups. Inequality in land distribution, narcotrafficking, illegal mining and other illicit economic activities, a limited State presence in remote areas and limited socio-economic opportunities in general in rural areas are some of the main underlying causes of the conflict in Colombia. Despite national efforts to engage in humanitarian response and prevention, there are persistent gaps in attending affected populations and new victims of violence and natural disasters with humanitarian needs. The response gaps are particularly severe in those municipalities most impacted by armed violence and those vulnerable to natural disasters, with difficult access, and in urban areas controlled by non-stated and post-demobilization armed groups.


Humanitarian Needs Overview - Colombia 2017

Noviembre de 2016

En Colombia persisten comunidades con necesidades humanitarias como resultado del impacto del conflicto y de la violencia armada y de la exposición a desatres de origen natural.

El Humanitarian Nefue elaborado en nombre del Equipo Humanitario de País y se asoció con el apoyo de la Unidad de Análisis y Manejo de Información de Colombia (UMAIC).



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