Gender Based Violence: How can field leadership make a difference?

The Peer 2 Peer Support Team invites you to our Humanitarian Leadership Webinar Series:
Gender Based Violence: How can field leadership make a difference?


Part 1

Wednesday 31st May 2017  

 Dr. Babatunde Osotimehin
Executive Director & Under-Secretary-General of The United Nations, UNFPA
Mr. Peter Lundberg
Deputy Humanitarian Coordinator, Nigeria


New York 09:30   Dakar 13:30   Geneva 15:30   Amman 16:30   Nairobi 16:30  



Part 2

Tuesday 13th June 2017    

Ms. Kate Moger
Deputy Regional Director For West Africa, IRC
Mr. Neil Buhne
Resident & Humanitarian Coordinator, Pakistan


New York 09:00   Dakar 13:00   Geneva 15:00   Amman 16:00   Nairobi 16:00

Leadership by Humanitarian Coordinators and Country Teams is critical for addressing the scourge of Gender Based Violence (GBV). Affecting up to 70 percent of women in some of the world’s largest humanitarian crisis, there is an undeniable imperative for action by leaders. An important starting point is recognising that GBV response cannot be dismissed as a purely technical or cultural problem. It must be fully integrated and practically applied across all operations with clear ownership, guidance, and prioritisation by senior leadership.

This two part webinar series on humanitarian leadership, Gender Based Violence and collective response aims to:

  • ·  Provide concrete examples of how senior leaders have sought to address GBV in Nigeria, Pakistan, and West Africa;
  • ·  Outline key steps that humanitarian leaders can take to address GBV, especially HCs and HCTs; and
  • ·  Guide listeners as to where they can go to obtain support.

The webinars will be facilitated by Ingrid Macdonald, Director, P2P Support - IASC. For help logging on to the webinar, see the login guide here.


Questions are welcome in advance of the webinar

You can e-mail questions to the STAIT before the webinar or submit them to the presenters live, via the chat function. All documents relevant to this webinar and a recording of the event (and previous webinars) are posted on the P2P Support website.





Dr. Babatunde Osotimehin, Executive Director & Under-Secretary-General of The United Nations, UNFPA

Dr. Babatunde Osotimehin is Under-Security General and Executive Director of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). Before joining UNFPA, he was Nigeria’s Minister of Health. Dr Osotimehin has also served as the Director-General of Nigeria’s National Agency for the control of AIDS, which coordinates all HIV/AIDs work in Nigeria. He currently chairs the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on the Demographic Dividend, as well as the Global Agenda Trustee for the Forum’s Global Challenge on Economic Growth and Social Inclusion.



Mr. Peter Lundberg,  Deputy Humanitarian Coordinator, Nigeria

Peter Lundberg is the Deputy Humanitarian Coordinator (DHC) for Nigeria, based in Maiduguri. He was previously Director for Humanitarian Assistance at the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) and Deputy Consul General for Sweden in Jerusalem. From 2007 to 2010, he worked with the IFRC as External Relations Coordinator in Malaysia and Head of Delegation and Country Representative in Zimbabwe. Mr Lundberg has held several positions within the Swedish Government. He also was the Development Delegate for the Swedish Red Cross based in Ethiopia.


Ms. Kate Moger, Deputy Regional Director For West Africa, IRC

Kate Moger is currently the Deputy Regional Director for International Rescue Committee (IRC) West Africa based in Dakar, Senegal, where she provides support and oversight to nine countries in West and Central Africa. Ms. Moger was previously the Country Director for IRC in Mali, and has worked in Africa for over ten years, mostly with Save the Children in South Sudan, the DRC and Cote d’Ivoire.   Ms. Moger has also served as Senior Gender Advisor for the peacebuilding organization International Alert, and worked on disability rights for Sense International.


Mr. Neil Buhne, Resident & Humanitarian Coordinator, Pakistan

Neil Buhne is the Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator for Pakistan. He has worked for the United Nations for over 30 years. From 2007 until February 2011, Mr. Buhne was Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator in Sri Lanka. He has been Resident Coordinator in Bulgaria and Belarus. Before taking up his current position in Pakistan, Mr. Buhne was the Director of UNDP’s Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery in Geneva and Director of the UNDP Office in Geneva.


We hope you can join us for the webinar!

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Photo : UNESCO and UN Women release guidance to end gender-based violence in education