Building Peace across borders: a contribution to the great lakes cross-border multi-partner trust fund


The Great Lakes Regional Strategic Framework (GLRSF) is a tool to address instability and build peace in the Great Lakes region by implementing regional, comprehensive and coordinated projects at regional level and in cross border areas. One of our ongoing projects “Preventing conflict and building peace through addressing the drivers of conflict and instability associated with forced displacement between Burundi and Tanzania border areas”, which is funded by the Peacebuilding Fund .This catalytic project is now implemented by IOM, UNHCR, UNDP as well as ICGLR to promote concrete cross-border, human rights-based and multi-agency approaches to peacebuilding. This project falls in the line with Pillar 3 (Mobility) and Pillar 6 (Justice and Conflict Prevention) of the UN Great Lakes Regional Strategic Framework adopted by the UN Security Council. 




Great Lakes Region