Working with National and Local Actors
Global Cluster Coordinators Group
Breaking Down the Silos Webinar Series Good Practices and Tips from the Field
Photo : A GWI consultation with local communities in Kankan, eastern Guinea, in July 2014 (Photo: GWI West Africa)

Overview and Background

The “Inter-Cluster Coordination: Breaking Down Silos” webinar series was initiated by the Global Cluster Coordinators Group (Global Clusters and OCHA) to exchange good practices among field coordination staff, encourage cross-sectoral collaboration and share ideas amongst the humanitarian community. The webinar series invites current field based cluster coordinators, inter-cluster coordinators, NGOs, together with Global Cluster Coordinators to provide practical, constructive suggestions around a range of topics that can be applied in daily coordination work.

The call to “reinforce and not replace” national and local capacity and actors is one of the key outcomes of the World Humanitarian Summit. The Grand Bargain has further reiterated the need to provide direct resources to local NGOs and strengthen their capacity. These initiatives have placed the issue of localization high on the international humanitarian agenda and are promoting change in the way humanitarian response is coordinated and delivered. 

This webinar examined good practice and approaches from several countries that encourage the engagement of national and local actors in the delivery and coordination of humanitarian response.

This document compiles the main points raised both in preparatory sessions as well as during the webinar.

The following themes were addressed during the webinar:

  • • Strengthening the role of national authorities
  • • Strengthening the voice of national NGOs in coordination
  • • Enhancing the role of NGOs in Clusters
  • • Leveraging resources and strengthening the capacity of national NGOs.