Criteria for Integrating Early Recovery

Photo credit : UNDP/SRF Faces Resilience Photo Contest

01 LIFE SUSTAINING: Does the project help sustain the lives saved?

02 TIME CRITICAL: Is the project implemented alongside? relief interventions?

03 BRIDGE BETWEEN RELIEF AND LONG TERM RECOVERY: Does the project serve as a link between relief and long term recovery by building upon relief assistance and laying the essential foundations for long term recovery/reconstruction?

04 FACILITATE THE DELIVERY OF RELIEF ASSISTANCE: Does the project help facilitate the delivery of relief assistance?

05 STRENGTHEN NATIONAL AND LOCAL CAPACITY TO TAKE CHARGE OF THE RECOVERY PROCESS: Does the project aim to resuscitate and strengthen national and local capacity to coordinate and lead the implementation of early recovery programmes and plan for full recovery?

06 REDUCE DEPENDENCE ON RELIEF ASSISTANCE: Does the project help support the resilience and the spontaneous recovery efforts of communities, and help restore livelihoods, community infrastructure and basic social services?


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