Launch of the Webpage on the IASC Gender & Age Marker

Since first piloted in 2009, the IASC Gender Marker has challenged all of us humanitarians to think about Gender in the Needs, Activities and Outputs of humanitarian projects and programmes. Thanks to a comprehensive review in 2014 the IASC Gender Marker has undergone rigorous revision and is now being piloted in a series of countries until January 2017.

Reports on the progress of the pilots will feature on this website with contributions from all those who are involved in shaping the new iteration of the tool. We are also keen to highlight good practices as well as stories about how lessons were learned from implementing the gender equality measures, so please share.

Visit the page here


Update June 2018

Our web-page has been launched to support communication during the pilote phase.

The IASC Gender & Age Marker has been finalised and launched in June 2018. It will replace the previous IASC gender marker from 2019 HPC cycle. Therefore our page is desactivated and you can find the new tool here.