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Would like to have an overview of examples of governance-related early recovery activities. Most ER overview(s) show impressive work related to livelihoods and access to essential services, but there is less information on governance-related activities. (While in most 'man-made' crisis environments, i.e. conflict situations, it is the 'good' governance failure that led to the crisis in the first place or deepened the crisis further). These governance dimensions would relate to the recovery aspects of people's participation; oversight and anti-corruption; rule of law in the broadest sense; judicial strengthening; protection of rights (of which some will of course be addressed under the Protection Cluster/Sector); citizens service and information access; media; strengthening local administration; etc. These require of course a long-term developmental effort, but it would be interesting to read how entry points are found under Early Recovery initiatives, thereby also serving as confidence-building activities. And, early recovery in other (non governance-related) areas will be less or non sustainable without a solid 'good governance' foundation?


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Dear Maurice, I invite you to visit our page on Governance http://earlyrecovery.global/content/governance . You will find a few documents related to Governance in crisis settings, in particular on * restoration of Local Governance Functions, ** Local governance in fragile and conflict-affected setting: building a resilient foundation for peace and development, *** (Re)build core Governance Function in the immediate aftermath of conflicts. I hope this is useful. Best wishes, ER Help Desk.

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