Humanitarian Needs Overview



The victim population and the most vulnerable population groups, such as ethnic groups, women, boys, girls, adolescents and youth (BGAY) living in rural areas of difficult access and urban areas, have been the ones who have received the greatest humanitarian impact for several decades as a result of the armed conflict and widespread violence in Colombia

  1. Needs and gaps in the prevention, protection and care of those affected by the armed conflict and widespread violence.
  2. Loss, restriction of access and lack of guarantees for agricultural and nonagricultural livelihoods affect security and food and nutritional security
  3. Gaps in income generation, sustainability and early recovery limit the restoration of livelihoods
  4. Limited access to health services in rural communities generates a risk to the lives of people
  5. Restriction on access to education and protection risks for boys, girls and adolescents
  6. Limited access to drinking water and adequate sanitation and hygiene systems
  7. Lack of availability of shelters in emergency situations


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